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Visit with us the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, the No.7, 12 and 27 at the best market price.

Located in the municipality of Imbert de Puerto Plata, the famous 27 Charges of Damajagua are a true wonder of nature. The origin of the name of the river and its puddles is because the Damajaguas are trees that grow in the rivera. The Damajaguas maintain the river with water for a long time and in puddles can be found these trees especially from puddle number twelve on. The word «Damajagua» is derived from the Taíno vocabulary. The river is the result of the confluence of numerous waterfalls and springs that are generated in the mountain tops of the municipalities Altamira and Imbert of Puerto Plata.

The place is a true example of ecotourism and sustainable tourism since everything there is offered to visitors is related to the creole and natural, because on arrival we find a typical ranch where there is a reception to receive visitors, Tobacco shop, crafts and restrooms. Our tour takes us through a pleasant path on the banks of the Damajagua River and through its 27 «puddles», each with its own personality. We delight in the song of the birds and the melody of the streams, in addition to the dialogue with expert guides that help us to ascend from the first waterfall to the last. We will enjoy crystalline, cool and cool waters, caves, natural «slides» and huge rocks molded to perfection by the slope of the waters coming from the highest mountains.


  • The tour of the waterfall No.7 takes a time of 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • The tour of the waterfall No.12 takes a time of 3 hours
  • The tour of the waterfall No.27 takes a time from 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours.


These rules were established by the Secretary of Environment in order to ensure the safety of our visitors and the conservation of a national park. Please keep the following in mind during your visit:

All visitors must be accompanied by a guide. Obey all rules and warnings issued by the guide. For your comfort, we recommend wearing closed shoes or sandals with heel support. All visitors must wear a life jacket and helmet to climb the waterfalls. Children younger than eight (8) years of age may only climb to the first waterfall. For your safety, always stay on the path and with your group. This area is a protected area and a national treasure. Please protect it. Fishing/Poaching is prohibited. Writing and/or vandalism of rocks, cliffs, trees, leaves or any other part of the protected area is prohibited.

The rates excursion, will depend on your group of family and friends. For more information about reservations and rates, Info: Rosario, 
Calle Camino del Llibre No.22 and 24, Al lado de la Plaza Sunset, Esq. Pedro Clisante y frente a la disco Clasic – Club 59, El Batey, Sosúa, República Dominicana.
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Info: Rosario and Jennifer